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Roy Manning



  • Teacher: Science 


Roy D. Manning
9706 Tam OShanter Drive
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

Areas of Experience and Professional Competence: Operations Management, Pond Construction, Fish Farm Management, and Biology Education.

1983: M.Sc., Fisheries Science, Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama
1976: B.Sc., Biology Education, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts

Employment History:
2007-Present: Department chair / Team leader for middle school, Thomas G. Pullen Arts Focus School
2002- 2007 Department chair Science Teacher, Andrew Jackson Middle School, Suitland Maryland.
Teach science to seventh grade students.
2002-2003: Adjunct Teacher, Prince Georges Community College, Largo, Maryland.
Instructor of Biology 101 for non-science majors
1997-2002: Operations Manager, Aquaculture Jamaica Ltd., Jamaica, West Indies (WI.)
Responsible for coordinating fish processing plant demands with production capabilities. Directed research and development. Provided technical information to contract farmers in order to increase production. Designed and established super intensive system of Tilapia culture. Provided production-forecasting reports. Helped establish ISO 9000 system inclusive of HACCP. Prepared six-year plan for moving the industry from 4,000 MT to 23,000 MT per annum.
1993-1997: Fish Farm Manager, Aquaculture Jamaica Ltd., St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, WI.
Brought production from 30,000 kg per month to 120,000 kg per month. Brought hatchery out put to > 1,000,000 sex reversed Tilapia fry per month. Decreased grow out time by 100 days per crop. Increased survival by 15%. Responsible for all day-to-day operations on the farm.
1990-1993: Consultant, Farm Expansion Program Tropical Exotic, Falmouth Trelawney, Jamaica, WI.
Established the feasibility of Tilapia production at an ornamental fish farm. Designed and laid out fishponds. Established brood stock and sex reversal hatchery for Tilapia. Grew and sold Tilapia. Supervised grow-out and harvest of various ornamental fish.
1987-1990: Technical and Farm Manager, Haughton Fisheries, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, WI.
Surveyed, designed and laid out a 70-acre Tilapia farm with hatchery. Supervised construction of the facility. Managed day-to-day operation of the farm.
1986: Construction Supervisor, Aquaculture Jamaica Ltd., Jamaica, WI.
Redesigned and laid out 32-acre Tilapia Farm. Supervised construction and provided quantities for payment.
1983-1986: Assistant Farm Manager, Aqualapia Jamaica Ltd., Jamaica, WI.
Designed and laid out 50-acres of the first intensive earthen ponds for Tilapia production.
1982: Pond Construction Consultant, USAID, Jamaica, WI.
Surveyed, designed, and laid out ponds for Tilapia culture at various farm sites in order to establish Tilapia production in Jamaica, WI.

1981-1982: Teaching Assistant, Pond Construction, Department of Fisheries, Auburn University
Prepared, supervised, and graded all field - work in surveying and pond construction.
1976-1980: Training Officer and Head of Biology Department, Liuli Fisheries Training Center, Tanzania, East Africa
Provided assistance for the establishment of the Fisheries Training Center. Taught fish handling, processing, biology, math, English and swimming.
1976: Tutor, Boston College, Brookline, Massachusetts
Chemistry, Math, and English.
1976: Instructor, North Quincy High School, Quincy, Massachusetts
Biology and Chemistry.
1974-1975: Researcher Planner, The Liuli Fisheries Training Center, Tanzania East Africa
Resource person from Harvard African Volunteer Project used to establish the Fisheries Training Center
1974: Biological Aid, Army Corp of Engineers, Waltham, Massachusetts
Reviewed and edited environmental impact statements for public hearings. Edited book on parasites of Atlantic salmon.
1971-1973: Biological Aid, National Marine Fisheries Service, Milford, Connecticut.
Induce spawning of clams and oysters in order to establish the effects of heavy metals on larvae.
1971-1973: Tutor, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts.
Biology and English to university students.

Consultancy Engagements :
1995: Established and implemented fish farm plan for Leon Dumas, San Pedro Sula, Honduras.
1993: Evaluated a Tilapia Project, established a Tilapia production plan, and provided criteria for a satellite farm project. F.P.X. Honduras.
1993: Lecturer, Pond Construction. C.E.P.A.T. University of the West Indies, Jamaica, WI.
1992: Reviewed, F.P.X. Plans for a Tilapia Farm, Visited small farmers, rendering technical assistance on Tilapia production, lectured on pond construction and Tilapia production. F.P.X. Honduras.
1991: Evaluated commercial potential for Tilapia aquaculture, lectured on Tilapia production. F.P.X. Honduras.
1991: Provided tours of the Tilapia industry for Hondurans. F.P.X. Jamaica.
1991: Organized training program for Hondurans at Aquaculture Jamaica Ltd. Jamaica, WI.
1990: Designed and laid out National Hatchery for Tilapia and Carp. FAO Haiti.
1989: Selected site for proposed National Hatchery for Tilapia and Carp. FAO Haiti.

Activities and Honors:
Owner Operator of a Guest House
Coffee farmer
Vice President Hampton High School Parent Teachers Association
Member of the St. Elizabeth Parish Development Committee
ISO 9000 Systems auditor
Advisor to Afro-American Association, Auburn University
North eastern University African American Institute Book Review Selection Committee
Co-director of the Harvard African Volunteer Project.
Member of the Northeastern University Varsity Football Team
Languages: Kiswahili and Spanish (in order of proficiency).