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Shona Sandlin



  • Teacher: Science, Teacher: Middle School 


Buck Lodge Middle School
Currently teaching- 7th grade 10 years experience

I have always wanted to become an educator. I believe in educating the "whole child," and that I am educating for life, not for a year. I pride myself on constantly striving to become more effective and efficient at my craft. I became National Board Certified, but I still had a thirst for more challenges. I was able to join MSP, which enables me to grow in multiple facets, as an educator, collaborator, presenter and writer. My goals for may students are to develop their metacognitive reflection skills so that they may analyze their own learning process to find the best ways that they learn and express themselves critically and creatively. Learn to apply their reasoning skills so that they may become productive critical thinkers and contribute to the global society. 


Middle school science teacher.
MSP participant