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Airis Freeman



  • Teacher: Middle School 


5 yrs. Teaching experience, marketing/management background. MSP participant and teacher leader.

Looking back at my journey through MSP2, I realize how amazing it was. The MSP2 was a good learning experience, because I increased my content knowledge in physics, environmental science, life science and inquiry. One thing I didn't expect was to receive so much support from the coaches in the program, learn so many strategies that help students discuss and actively learn in the classroom. What surprised me about this was the trust the coaches had in me to prepare and lead presentations. Before this, I did not know what brain-friendly learning look like, how to prepare an effective workshop or different strategies that would help my students learn in the classroom. The easiest part was committing to the MSP2 program every summer, because it was beneficial to me, the instructors/professors were knowledgeable and allowed me to experience science in a way that made it easy to remember. I could have continued to teach like I did my first year of teaching, but MSP2 helped me realize how students learn and gave me the confidence to educate my students in a way that was advantageous to them. Looking forward, the hardest part will be not having MSP2 summer institutes or workshops to attend throughout the school year. I will work harder on collaborating with others. MSP2 has inspired me to look into ideas that would help me collaborate better with my peers. Having done MSP2, I feel the need to empower other teachers to use some of the strategies I have learned through the program in their classrooms. 


General science. K-8